Design Services OnStart.Net, Inc. designs both public and private (including Intranet) Web sites, Internal web applications and many other custom design services for businesses who require internal company information management systems.

We will custom-design a site that precisely fits your needs, or work with our library of tools to formulate a package deal for you. In addition to all the standard design services, we offer many advanced custom services, secure server hosting (SSL), SQL Server, Dedicated Server, Etc.

Public Web Sites Whether you are new the Internet or have extensive experience in building online business applications, we can help. Our development professionals can help formulate a web front that will meet your eBusiness needs. If Web presence is what you are looking for, we can help. We will design, develop and host a professional web site that fits your company's budget.

Internal Web Solutions A private Web site is a site that has restricted access. Restricted access can mean anything from a site which you must fill out a form to enter, through password protection and encryption, to a site that is hosted on your own network, not connected to the Internet in any way. OnStart helps its clients imagine new eBusiness capabilities, then delivers the reliable, scalable end-to-end solutions needed to bring them rapidly to market or live within their secure internal network.

If your company is looking for an internal eBusiness solution to manage multiple business offices or operations areas, we can help. Our team has experience in the development, training and implementation of comprehensive business management applications. Using your Internet connection from anywhere you can remotely manage your business. Management can access the application to generate valuable company reports, financial data and any other desired reporting functions.

We'll design and maintain a private Web site for you, no matter where you host it. If you want to host the site internally, we'll configure your server and get you going. If you choose to have us host it, we can build a variety of security mechanisms into the site, ranging from password protection and host-based authentication, all the way through running the entire site on a secure server.

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